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Drivers for Wi-Fi adoption in higher education

Mobile devices are today's learning tools. But when thousands of students with tablets and laptops hit your wireless network at the same time, learning can grind to a halt. Is your university's Wi-Fi ready to onboard thousands of students at the same time? Will students wait, idle and disengaged, while your IT staff troubleshoots connectivity problems? What happens when poor Wi-Fi prevents some students from registering for classes or accessing their exams online?

When technology gets in the way, learning is interrupted

With a wireless LAN from Meru, your network isn't the problem—it's the solution. Meru enables fair and reliable access to digital learning materials. The IT staff can onboard any user device quickly, easily, and securely, even when students and faculty have multiple mobile devices and the whole campus connects at once.

Give your students access to uninterrupted learning with Meru Education-Grade Wi-Fi.

Three simple steps to a Meru-Education Grade Wi-Fi

Universities and colleges use Meru-Education Grade (MEG) wireless LANs to simplify BYOD and deliver interactive learning reliably and securely, whether in small classrooms or crowded lecture halls. MEG includes Meru's trusted provisioning and guest management software, along with Meru's virtualized wireless LAN components, packaged to meet the specific needs of higher education.

With MEG Wi-Fi, you can deploy a learning network for your university or college in three simple steps:

  1. Onboard. Quickly and securely provision any device, automatically mapping user or guest access to IT policies. Meru's Meru Connect software maps network access and guest management to your IT policies.
  2. Connect. Ensure reliable access to your wireless network in classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, dorms, common areas, dining halls, and stadiums. Meru provides the wireless access points and controllers, along with the software tools you need, to administer the network across the university campus and in satellite spaces.
  3. Learn. Confidently deploy courseware and other academic resources that depend on a reliable, high-performance wireless network. With MEG, you're ready to flip classrooms, give online exams, and engage students with interactive learning.

Anderson University
Anderson University
  • Support innovative mobile learning initiative and flipped classrooms
  • Deliver reliable connectivity in high-density, high-interference residence halls
  • Eliminate interference with channel layering
Bolton College
Bolton College
  • Provide students with world-class technology experience
  • Enable wireless access to the virtual learning environment everywhere in college
  • Support high-density of users in classrooms and common areas
Dortmund Technical University
Dortmund Technical University
  • Provide secure, swift network access to BYOD guests via Meru Connect
  • Generate multiple guest accounts at once for large events
  • Improve policy management and reduce IT burden
MCPHS University Image
MCPHS University
  • Support computer-based testing, curricula, and distance learning with MEG network
  • Improve wireless connection and performance in high-density settings
  • Enhance network management and troubleshooting with E(z)RF
Mt. St. Mary's College
Mount Saint Mary College
  • Provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi service to new devices always in motion
  • Enable new ways of learning that aren’t tied to a location
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of network management with E(z)RF
St. John Fisher College
  • Step up to gigabit Wi-Fi for innovative School of Business
  • Improve access and performance in residence halls with channel layering
  • Prepare for the future with “ready-for-anything” network that scales easily
Texas AM University Commerce
Texas A&M University - Commerce
  • Deliver reliable wireless connection and performance in high-density areas
  • Expand network coverage quickly to new areas
  • Provide separate, secure channel layers for research projects

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