Keep guests coming back with a superior Wi-Fi experience and enhanced analytics.

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Guests request. You deliver. With Meru, it’s easy.

It’s no secret: the #1 requested guest amenity is fast, reliable Wi-Fi everywhere throughout your hotel. Only Meru Intelligent Wi-Fi solutions can deliver the kind of experience that keeps guests coming back again and again. Now your hotel can be a social media success: when guests love your Wi-Fi, they tell the world about it! (And if they don’t love it, they talk about that!)

Meru is faster for your guest rooms.

Meru’s in-room wall plate access point, the AP122, brings super-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi right to the room, supporting guest mobile devices and all your guest room electronics, such as VoIP phones, IPTV, minibars, and more. Easy to install and manage, the AP122 is the right choice for hotels that want to ensure the highest level of service where guests spend the most time – in their rooms.

The Meru single-channel advantage means a simpler, easier-to-manage network. And with our exclusive channel-layering capability, only Meru can make every channel available in every corner of your property. Guests and staff alike will enjoy the convenience and reliability of Meru Wi-Fi solutions.

Meru is faster in conference and meeting spaces, too.

For public areas such as lobbies and meeting spaces, Meru’s comprehensive set of fast 802.11ac access points delivers cutting-edge service and reliability you won’t find anywhere else. Independent testing has confirmed that Meru’s 802.11ac solutions are the fastest in the industry.

A full suite of solutions that’s just right for hospitality.

The Meru advantage for hospitality goes well beyond the industry’s fastest access points. Our comprehensive suite of network management tools gives you the control you need over your wireless network. Remotely manage network configurations and demands in real time, and spot problems before they affect your guests or operations.

Our industry-leading access and policy-enforcement tool, Meru Connect, makes guest access easy, with full captive portal support for multiple login options, including social media credentials.

When you’re ready to deliver the absolute best guest experience, you’re ready for Meru.

Blackberry Farm
Blackberry Farm
  • Exceed guest expectations for world-class experience in everything including technology
  • Deliver uninterrupted wireless service while roaming the 4200-acre resort
  • Minimize network management and maintenance
Carneros Inn
Carneros Inn
  • Meet high expectations of guests for secure, high-speed internet everywhere
  • Cover 27 acres for wireless roaming without skipping a beat
  • Improve pool-side POS service
Cupertino Inn Image
Cupertino Inn
  • Provide business travelers in Silicon Valley with fast, stable Internet access
  • Extend Wi-Fi coverage to 100 percent of the hotel
  • Boost guest ratings from “worst to first” for Wi-Fi
Genesis Hospitality Group Image
Genesis Hospitality Group
  • Deploy reliable Wi-Fi that drives events business
  • Provide simple Wi-Fi that staff can “set and forget”
  • Enable remote network command and control from Web-based dashboard
Hawthorn Suites
Hawthorn Suites
  • Meet end users' need for high capacity.
  • Support high quality mobile real-time applications like voice and video.
  • Make most of the available spectrum with radio frequency viertualization & channel layering.
IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015
IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015
  • Provided simultaneous access to over 2,000 concurrent users over a 12-day period
  • Climate-proof housing used to withstand sub-zero temperatures for outdoor APs.
  • Meru 802.11ac AP832e access points deployed indoor/outdoor in an area of 90,000sq2
Lysebu Hotel and Conference Center
Lysebu Hotel and Conference Center
  • Provide reliable Wi-Fi service in a complex of new and historic buildings
  • Meet demands of business and student users for high performance
  • Support simultaneous access for hundreds of devices in concentrated areas
Miami Marlins Park
Miami Marlins Park
  • Achieve 100-percent wireless coverage with channel-layering
  • Enable seamless roaming in a very high-density environment of 37,000 spectators
  • Eliminate contention and interference for uninterrupted wireless POS transactions
Nobis Hotel
Nobis Hotel
  • Offer luxury and business travelers superior Internet access on a wide range of devices
  • Provide pervasive coverage in challenging historic buildings with thick stone walls
  • Support seamless VoIP on the same wireless network
Ramada Downtown Dubai
  • Enhance guest satisfaction with high-speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel
  • Provide the bandwidth and performance for video over Wi-Fi
  • Improve staff response to guest needs with seamless “no-drop” mobile communications
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Bring the at-home, at-work wireless experience to paradise
  • Provide reliable 802.11ac gigabit Wi-Fi for video-streaming and voice
  • Speed deployment on ships, simplify management and cut cost with single channel network
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Palace Convention Center
  • Provide 802.11ac gigabit Wi-Fi for events attended by 150,000 plus people
  • Monitor user experience everywhere and rapidly deploy access points as needed
  • Manage the facility environment from mobile devices over reliable Wi-Fi
The Gathering 2015
The Gathering 2015
  • Over 10,000 devices connected to the network
  • 5,000 creative gamers
  • 2000-3000 simultaneous connections
Wafi Hotels
  • Provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi that families and business travelers consider essential
  • Easily handle high throughput from families with multiple devices
  • Support VPNs, secure data transfer, and video conferencing for business travelers

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