Partner Program

Solution partners are an integral part of the Meru team, helping us deliver complete WLAN solutions.

Meru Partners

From our Channel Partner Program that brings Meru products to enterprises through our value-added resellers around the world, to our WINS Technology Partner Program that delivers applications that interoperate seamlessly with Meru WLAN solutions, partners help us deliver the highest value to our customers.

Channel Partners

The Channel Partner Program

The resellers in the Channel Partner Program are part of our team, playing a key role in bringing Meru solutions to you.

  • Worldwide reach: We have channel partners worldwide, giving you access to Meru solutions no matter where you are or where your business expands to.
  • Expertise: Our partners receive sales and technical training, and presale and postsale technical support to ensure a positive experience through the full lifecycle of your solution.
  • Commitment: Meru channel partners understand our vision as well as our solutions, and they’re committed to helping Meru users run successful wireless networks in demanding BYOD environments.

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WINS Technology Partners

The Meru Wireless Interoperability and Network Solutions (WINS) Program

The Meru WINS™ Technology Partner Program is for vendors providing Wi-Fi solutions that enhance and extend the value of the Meru Virtualized Wireless WLAN. Our partners deliver a wide range of applications, hardware, and services that integrate seamlessly with Meru WLAN solutions, including unified communications, RTLS & RFID, mobile and medical devices, network security, and network management.

  • Interoperability: The WINS partner logo assures customers that an application, service, or client device is fully interoperable with the Meru WLAN architecture.
  • Worldwide reach: Meru customers worldwide have access to WINS partner solutions.
  • Sales and support: WINS partners receive support from Meru in creating marketing collateral, configuration guides, and technical documentation to ensure a positive customer experience.

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