Guest Services

Meru Connect Software Module for Wireless LAN Guest Management

BYOD - Guest Services for Wireless Guest Access

Automated guest access for any client on any network

Simplify secure wireless guest access for any OS on any network, dramatically reducing IT workload and ensuring a trouble-free end-user experience. Guest Services ensure flawless interoperability with wireless and wired networks, from any vendor, allowing you to leverage your existing investments. It supports any client with a web browser, including devices running iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and more. 

For hospitality organizations, Guest Services offer seamless integration with hotel property wireless management systems streamlines administration and billing for guest Internet access.  

  • Improve guest management by authorizing internal sponsors to create guest accounts and enable guests to securely self-provision.
  • Reduces the burden on IT by allowing internal users to create guest accounts
  • Leverages existing infrastructure investment by integrating with any access point, controller, or wired switch
  • Protects computing assets with 802.1X authentication
  • Allows you to promote your brand with a fully customizable guest portal
  • Ensures IT control with industry-leading activity monitoring and reporting

Authorize and Manage Wi-Fi Guest Access

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