Smart Services

Give users the power to easily connect to wireless and wired networks with any client device — while adhering to the strictest IT security requirements.

BYOD - Smart Services for Wireless Guest Access

Automated BYOD provisioning for any client on any network

Simplify secure BYOD provisioning, dramatically reducing IT workload and ensuring a trouble-free wireless user experience.  

Smart Services are optimized for ease-of-use for both administrators and end users. Flawless interoperability with wireless and wired networks from all major vendors allows you to leverage your existing wireless network investments, and Smart Services support diverse client device platforms, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and more.  

One-click self-provisioning of client devices for secure 802.1X connectivity makes BYOD easy for end users.  Employees bringing their own devices to work connect one time with existing network login credentials, after which authentication is automatic—no need to reenter login credentials when a device goes to sleep or at the start of the next work day.  

  • Free IT staff from the task of provisioning devices in support of BYOD
  • Control access with role- and policy-based provisioning
  • Protect the network with authentication and encryption
  • Leverage existing network infrastructure with support for access points, controllers and wired switches from any vendor
  • Make it easy for employees to self-provision their wireless devices for secure network access in support of BYOD initiatives.

Authorize and Manage Wi-Fi Guest Access
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