Wireless LAN Security

Protect your wireless network data with Meru Security and Compliance applications.

Proactively protect and secure your wireless network

Proactively protect and secure your network and comply with payment card industry (PCI) security standards. By combining built-in wireless intrusion prevention with comprehensive monitoring and verification, Meru Security and Compliance enables all kinds of businesses to keep the data that their wireless networks handle private and secure.

  • Continually audit your network security posture against best practices and policies.
  • Track separation and apply application-aware policies to each user.
  • Protect data with authentication, authorization control, and encryption.
  • Leverage integration with Meru Network Manager on the Meru service assurance platform.


Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity
Enterprise-class authentication, authorization control, and encryption

Deliver secure connectivity with full support for WPA2 Enterprise and IEEE 802.1X.

  • Give each user a firewall for granular control over policy settings.
  • Deploy industry-standard TACACS+ and RADIUS access control.
  • Integrate TLS-VPN encryption.

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Policy Enforcement

Policy Enforcement
Efficiently applied policies for governing wireless LAN

Deliver required end-user service levels while restricting access to network resources.

  • Quickly and easily put firewalls around users and applications.
  • Limit spectrum usage while ensuring that no users or applications are starved for bandwidth.
  • Dynamically assign different QoS levels using predefined role-based policies.

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