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Overcome the challenges of Bonjour on campus networks

Whether at work or in school, people want to use their iPads and MacBooks to print email, photos, web pages and e-books. Apple® AirPrint™ makes that easy. And Apple® AirPlay® makes it easy and more from Apple iOS devices to widescreen TVs.

The challenge is that Apple Bonjour®, the underlying protocol used by AirPlay and AirPrint, was designed to work in home Wi-Fi networks. Bonjour cannot be routed across IP subnets, which are commonly used in large education and enterprise networks. Without a gateway service, Bonjour cannot be supported on a multi-subnet network.

Personal Bonjour An application that minimizes Bonjour broadcast storms of Apple related devices across unified networks and advertises services only to the correct users according to established policies. Learn more about Bonjour

Enable AirPrint and AirPlay with Meru's Bonjour gateway service

Meru's Bonjour support, one of FLEX Policy's Service Control features, gives mobile users the experience they expect with AirPlay, AirPrint, and other services that rely on Bonjour—while IT has the control it needs. Meru's Bonjour service is integrated into our MobileFLEX architecture. No changes need to be made to client devices, and Meru's Access Points and Controllers dynamically manage the service.

Policy-based control over Bonjour services

In addition to the core Bonjour functionality, Meru provides enhanced policy-based controls and monitoring over Bonjour services. With Meru, IT managers can define:

  • What services are advertised across the network
  • Who can advertise services across the network
  • Who can subscribe to what services, when, and where.

Meru's highly flexible policies can be defined based on user group, user location, Bonjour service types, advertiser groups, and advertiser locations.
For example, students may only have access to printers in the library and their own classrooms, while teachers may have unrestricted access to Apple TV, regardless of location. In the office, the use of AirPlay may be limited to conference rooms, while workers can print to AirPlay-enabled printers during business hours.

Simplify management of Bonjour services

An at-a-glance dashboard makes it easy to monitor the usage and status of Bonjour users anywhere on the network. Administrators can quickly view usage of Bonjour services, location of the activity, activity across SSID, and Bonjour users on wired and wireless segments. Drilling down into details is quick and easy.

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