An architecture to take you into the future

A unified wireless design to maximize throughput while supporting increased client densities


Meru's MobileFLEX is a unified network architecture that delivers the reliable service mobile users need to stay productive, at the same time it gives you the control and flexibility to meet increasing demands for capacity and bandwidth. MobileFLEX provides the structure and tools you need to efficiently manage a high-performance enterprise network.

MobileFLEX offers a high levels of flexibility at each architecture layer—access, control, management, policy, and applications—so you can deploy and scale your network to suit your environment. 802.11ac ready, MobileFLEX meets today's needs and sets up your infrastructure to support the next generation of applications.

The benefits of MobileFLEX build with each layer of the architecture.

  • Smooth, flexible access. With FLEX Access, a Meru network delivers ubiquitous coverage on campus, in remote locations, in-room, or out of doors—even in highly dense client environments. Meru’s well-established single-channel mode, Airtime Fairness, and channel layering features have been extended to include multichannel mode and Context-Aware Layers for greater flexibility.
  • Multiple deployment options. With FLEX Control, you have several options for deploying your wireless LAN. Controllers may be hardware-based, located on your premises with centralized or distributed hardware; or they may be virtualized, hosted in a private or public cloud with VMware. MobileFLEX also supports service discovery protocols such as Apple Bonjour, Simple Service Delivery Protocol (SSDP), and WS-Discovery.
  • Unified network and security management. With FLEX Management, you get a suite of network management software that makes it easy to manage any network—even when you have a large, distributed deployment or you need to integrate network and security management across wired and wireless networks. Proactive systems let you diagnose and fix problems before users even see them.
  • Simplified user onboarding and management. With FLEX Policy, you can simplify the task of provisioning devices and managing guest access without sacrificing security or control. It's easy to ensure consistent, policy-based access for both wired and wireless users—even when clients bring their own devices. Policies and reports can be customized by user, device, application, location, or even time of day.
  • Easy integration of supporting applications and services. MobileFLEX provides an open platform for the integration and support of ancillary technologies (such as SolarWinds wired-wireless network management software, AeroScout monitoring software, and Microsoft Lync unified communications) and specialized applications for education, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries (such as LanSchool classroom management software).